Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still no updates on our house! We are still waiting on the Lord, but are actually trusting Him more and more as time goes on. He is so faithful. We actually have so much to share, but are still trying to grasp it all and condense it enough for you to read!

Anna Jaymes, however, is changing all the time!
She stands on her own a lot more now, but we're still waiting on that first step!
She's learning to clap, but is not too coordinated yet, which makes it even funnier.
She babbles all the time in her sweet little voice that we love to hear!
She learned that she can climb into the bathtub...NOT a good thing.
She shakes her hand to tell us "All Done!"

Here are some recent pictures of our little monkey...

I do not know what she does during her naps to wake up looking like this!! I could not look at her without laughing...

Playing in the car seat...not much more fun stuff to do in this room.

Playing in the worries, I moved all cleaning supplies!!