Monday, March 30, 2009

Matt's little fishing buddy!

Lucky for Matt, who is about to have two daughters, Anna Jaymes loves being outdoors and exploring everything! As long as we've been married, knowing his love for outdoors, I've hoped that he we'd have a little boy one day to share in his passion. However, after being pregnant while having a toddler on the loose, I'm not sure how many more pregnancies I'd like to pursue and we obviously haven't been too successful with any boys yet! (Then again, considering both our pregnancies have not been "intentionally on our to do list", but instead on the Lord's list, I have a feeling that decision won't be up to us in the future either). :) Either way, it has been fun to see Anna Jaymes' love for the outdoors and her enthusiastic desire to explore everything! She just loves being outside, so maybe Matt's little outdoors buddy has already made "her" debut!

As much as Anna Jaymes loved feeding the fish in the water, she's not exactly sure what to think of the fish out of water! She did try to touch the little bream, though.

Here are Matt and Anna Jaymes with my dad, Steve after killing a turkey one morning. No, Anna Jaymes did not make that hunting trip...maybe one day. She's just cute enough to pose in the picture even though she looks mad and doesn't look at the camera.