Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vaiden Baptist Church Family Day

These were some pics from the family day at Matt's old church a couple of weeks ago. Anna Jaymes was in heaven on the slides. It's so sad and exciting at the same time seeing your baby grow into a toddler and being able to do all these "big kid" activities.

Matt, his big wet feet, and Anna Jaymes on the really big slide. She kept running back trying to cut in line to go down by herself.

Anna Jaymes coming through!! I thought this pic was funny. This is Avery, Anna Jaymes' new little friend in Starkville. (Matt and her daddy know each other from college). Her family was in town for the family day, too.

This is actually Avery's uncle, Chad, who sung in our wedding. He's also one of Matt's college friends. I thought this was a sweet pic of him and Anna Jaymes.