Friday, August 8, 2008

Driving Carless!

Waking up sweaty from a nap.

Trying to help with the laundry...

Oops! A little too much help! So...I grab the camera instead of helping the poor baby. She stayed like this until I could grab the camera and take a shot! It was too funny.

Anna Jaymes and her friend, Bella. She looks clueless.

This picture does not even do justice to how cute Anna Jaymes looks in her little bike helmet!
She was not happy at first, but really settled in after we got started.

We turned in our leased car 2 weeks ago and have been riding bikes ever since because we have not gotten another car yet! This is easy to do in little quaint St. Pete. Yes, it is a little hectic at times, but it has really been a neat experience. Besides the bike seat, we also have a bike trailer for Anna Jaymes to ride to work in every day in case it rains (it's waterproof...sort of). She really likes it and usually ends up kicking her feet up and relaxing. We actually use it most of the time.
Not having a car has really made us realize how thankful we should be for all the little conveniences we have in our lives. We just take so much for granted, especially here in America where our culture is really so spoiled.
Maybe it's because we work for things and get paid and therefore think we have earned them and have a right to them. In a sense, yes, but in reality all things are gifts from God. We realize that we are blessed to live in a place where these conveniences are easy to have. We are just realizing that a vehicle, although it is a need at times, is not a necessity, it is a luxury or an item of convenience. So, when you get in your cars, and especially when you turn the ac or radio on, remember what a blessing it is! :)

On a different note, riding our bikes has gotten us outside more...obviously. We've ridden in the rain, the heat and the cool serene mornings. It has been so nice being outside and taking everything in. It gives you a new perspective on things really. It's kind of nice being in the rain and getting a little wet, but good thing I don't have to look nice at work! :) It actually makes me miss the simplicity of life, like the good ole days, maybe? Plus, I like to think that I'm really being "green." Saving money on gas, giving off less pollutants, exercising, getting sunshine...all that good stuff!! Maybe we'll ride our bikes more even when we have a car. We'll see. :)
Don't get me wrong! I'm looking forward to purchasing a car soon! When we do, I just hope we will be more grateful that we have been able to buy a car for our family by whatever means the Lord has provided.


The Panni Family said...

I admire ya'll SO much!!!!!! I don't think that I could do it!! Couldn't you see me in ole Pascagoula riding with 3 boys on the bikes!! The paper would probably show up for an article!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I'm glad you made another post. Anna Jaymes does look so little, bless her heart. I'll try to think of what you can feed her to fatten her up :) Good talking with you yesterday! Miss you and hope ya'll come to MS soon!

Stacey Jolley Webb said...

I love the laundry pics...sooo funny! I would have grabbed the camera instead of the baby, too! Haha...priceless. I miss y'all!